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Pinewood Derby 2021!

Pack 608’s 2021 Pinewood Derby presentation

Important Update – 3/13/2020

NOTE: Washington schools were closed through the end of the 2019-2020 school year on 4/6/2020 by order of Gov. Jay Inslee. This extend’s Pack 608’s suspension of in-person meetings.

Cubmaster Joe sent this letter out to all of our Scouting families today regarding Pack 608 plans during the 3/16-4/24 School closures in Washington:

Hello Pack 608 families,

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, and the school closing until 4/24, we will be suspending Pack 608 meetings until further notice. I would ask that dens not meet offsite during this time as well.

Our government and health officials, as well as many public and commercial organizations are cancelling gatherings in an effort to slow and limit the spread of this virus, and if “social distancing” works as they hope the health effects of this virus will be reduced in our community. With that in mind, and with concern for our scouts and your families we ask that you “do your best” to be the example and help our community through this time. 

While we are unable to meet, you can encourage and work with your scout to complete requirements and achieve their rank advancement. They can also explore and complete elective adventures. Parents can log in to to record all completed requirements, as well as contact your den leader or Erin Case if you need help. When we resume meetings we will award our scouts with the rank and adventure awards that they have been working so hard for all year! WE WILL RESUME MEETINGS as soon it makes sense to do so. Our AoL crossover had already been moved into April, but even that date may need to be delayed. We will be evaluating what we can do to honor those scouts and monitoring the situation to see what can make sense. We have ideas, we may get creative, but rest assured we will recognize our scouts for what they have achieved!

As this situation changes, our leadership will be discussing what our next steps will be. We will keep you informed as we arrive at decisions.

Yours in scouting,
Joe Franklin
Cubmaster – Pack 608

PS. I’m attaching a message from the BSA which discusses their concern, and the steps the larger organization is taking as well to keep it’s members safe.

For more information, Cascade Pacific Council BSA also has more on virus safety information on their website.

Pinewood Derby 2020!

February 24th was the pack’s annual Pinewood Derby Races. The video on the left gives an overview of the night’s fun!

Space Derby, Pinewood Derby, and Raingutter Regatta (coming again this April) are just some of the fun events Pack 608 puts on every year, allowing our Scouts to do their best while learning, creating, and and competing.

Snow Lodge 2020

Winter time means a day up at Aubrey Watzek Lodge on Mt. Hood. Snow tubing, snow-cones, and fun in the snow with all of our Scouts! Here are some pictures of our trip on the 20th. Don’t forget January 27th is our January Pack Meeting. We hope to see you all there for awards and recognition.

Happy Holidays from Pack 608

Last weekend was a special outing for several of our scouts as we went to watch two from our pack perform in Northwest Classical Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. Our Scouts had a great time, and we greatly thank the parents of the two scouts who were performing in the show for inviting the pack to the show.

Many of our scouts are out this pre-Christmas weekend hanging up fliers for Christmas Tree recycling on January 4th, braving very wet Pacific Northwest weather this time of year. They’ll be back out there in just a couple weeks to pick up trees for recycling. This is a HUGE fundraiser for our pack, and even bigger this year as we roughly doubled our coverage area from last year’s.

In any case, the entire pack wishes you all a safe, happy, and joyous holiday season and a happy new year. We hope you enjoy your holidays and we’ll see you all again when we reconvene for den meetings on January 6th.

Pack 608 tours Clark County Sheriff West Precinct

Tonight the pack had the unique opportunity to tour the Clark County Sheriff’s West Precinct office located in Ridgefield, getting a very informative, humorous, and exciting tour from deputies Lau and Layton.

Deputy Layton explaining some of the tools of the crime scene
Deputy Lau shows the pack one of the blood sample collection kits that are sometimes kept for evidence
Handcuffs… maybe we should have had Cubmaster Joe demonstrate!
In the briefing and training room with the scouts and Deputy Lau.
Out to the vehicle bay!
A special K-9 guest, Ringo!
All of the Scouts with Deputies

We simply cannot thank the Clark County Sheriff’s Office enough for their time and hospitality. Tonight’s tour was one our Scouts will remember for a long time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25th was Pack 608’s annual cake and baked goods auction. The pack thanks all those who donated their tasty treats and those that bid on them. Proceeds from the auction go into funding more fun activities and pack finances throughout the Scouting year.

Here are some photos we took from the evening!

Pack 608 thanks veterans

What started and ended as a drizzly and misty day near Fort Vancouver and Providence Academy, provided our pack’s Scouts with a solid rain shower right before marching in the 2019 Veterans’ Day Parade here in Vancouver. With 20 Scouts in attendance, their cheerful and friendly demeanors didn’t change at all even when more than a few drops of rain hit. In fact, there might have even been more smiles and laughs than before the rain!

Ever prepared, some of our leaders combined two ponchos into a makeshift shelter while we waited for the rain to pass, and it did pass right before our turn to move out onto the parade route.

Rain didn’t keep the Scouts from participating in the parade today

All the Scouts got a turn to be up front with the pack banner, as we rotated through the lines of scouts marking. Here we are right before departing for the route.

Pack 608 ready to go

And once out on the route, it was smiles, waves, and excitement as we showed our support for Veterans.

Pack 608 on Evergreen Blvd, just before the I-5 overpass

To all veterans, we thank you for your service!

Space Derby 2019!

10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! GO!! It’s Pack 608’s first ever Space Derby!

The field of entrants!

And they’re off!

Who’s going to win this one?

Our Scouts did a fantastic job building their rockets and so did our adult volunteers, who built both hardware and software to handle accurate refueling (winding the rubber bands) and time tracking. It’s efforts like this that end up creating fun and memorable events for our scouts.

We’ve already got some plans for next year’s derby! See you then and see you all at our next pack meeting on Monday the 28th!

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